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I love circuit training and I’ve always made it part of my training regime. Circuit training is an excellent way to improve strength, fitness, core strength and stamina in a group environment.


I run Circuit Classes on Tuesday night at 6:00 - 7:00 (beginners) and 7:15 – 8:15pm (intermediate to advanced) in Charlton Kings Junior School hall (cost: £5); Monday  morning CoreFit at 9:00am in the Kings Hall (mixed ability, £5) and a Runfit class on Saturday mornings at 9:00am. This class is different to a traditional circuit training class with the focus on gaining strength and skills to help improve your running stamina power and technique.

"I joined Catherine's running group last September and, at 40, am now fitter than I've ever been and enjoying exercise more than I ever have.  Catherine's knowledgeable and empathetic approach means I now understand how to train my body to perform better.  She takes everyone's aspirations seriously from burning off enough calories to cancel out a few glasses of wine to running marathons.  For me, week-ends are about lie-ins and yet I now find myself out at 8.30 every Saturday morning, in rain, sub-zero temperatures, mud and frost, doing press-ups in a field.  I even enjoy it.  She must be doing something right."

The class takes place at Charlton kings Junior School (£5).

My classes use a mixture of equipment-based and bodyweight exercises and the classes are small enough to ensure I can give you help with technique if necessary, therefore making your workout as effective and safe as possible.

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