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Running with a group makes me even happier! I hold a UK Athletics ‘Leadership in Running Fitness’ qualification and I’m an experienced runner: I compete in races from 5k to full marathons.  Charlton Kings Ladies’ Running Group is a mixed ability group with varying distances run each week and regular 10 week beginners’ courses throughout the year.  We meet on Friday morning at 9:15 at the Kings Hall in Charlton Kings village.  Each run costs £2. We cover distances from 5 - 10km and have also an offroad option each week.


Running makes me happy!

ladies running group

The group is really friendly and supportive. The ethos I hold dear is that everyone is welcome and no one runs alone. CKLRG is a group I feel passionately about.  Since starting it in May 2010 I have watched the regular runners grow in ability and confidence and seen them achieve remarkable things. If you are new to running or want to improve further, come along for a run with us.  

Men!  Don’t despair: Charlton Kings Running Club (mixed, not for profit and run by a committee) is there for you! CKRC meet on Thursdays at 6:30 in the Kings Hall.


​"Catherine really inspires self-confidence in people new or returning to running and fitness. I never thought I would be signing up for my first 10k run a few months ago but Catherine has encouraged me to keep going. She is always welcoming and encouraging with a great sense of humour!"